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Air Force Material Command
MILSATCOM falls under this major command in the United States Air Force.  

Defense Information Security Agency

Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle.  Used to facilitate a common platform for launching different satellites and vehicles into space.  Replaces DSCS's first three launch vehicles (Titan, Space Shuttle, and Atlas/Centaur).

Lockheed Martin
As our major contractor, Lockheed Martin is fused into our daily work.

The DSCS program is a joint service project. This website will allow you to understand and browse through the information that we have on satellites and the military.

Ft. Monmouth
Combined with the Navy and the Air Force, the Army is also involved in the DSCS project. The system endures a greater number of users including a joint component. Check out the Army's C4IEWS (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Sensors)