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Acronyms (cont)

Acronyms (cont)

NIPRNET - Non-classified Internet Protocol Network

NKMS - Navy Key Management System

POTS - Plain Old Telephone Service

QOL - Quality of Life

SALTs - Streamlined Automated Logistic Transmission System

SIPRNET - Secret Internet Protocol Network

SHF - Super High Frequency

SSIXS - Submarine Satellite Information Exchange System

STEP - Standardized Tactical Entry Point

TACINTEL - Tactical Intelligence

TMD - Theater Missile Defense

TADIXS - Tactical Data Information Exchange System

TDDS - Tactical Data Display System

TESS - Tactical Environmental Support System

TRE - Tactical Receive Equipment

UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UHF - Ultra High Frequency

UFO - UHF Follow-On

VIXS - Video Information Exchange System

VVFD - Voice Video Fax Data

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