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- This SHF high data rate duplex capability is provided via the Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) satellites.

- Navy’s SHF terminals share DSCS with the other military services, the National Command Authority, other 3-letter agencies, NATO, and allies.

- DSCS is a high-capacity “core” communications system with some anti-jam and low probability of intercept and low probability of detection capability.

- Today, DSCS is supporting data rates exceeding 1Mbps on SHF equipped platforms.

- DSCS satellites are power limited - they were built to provide communications between large earth terminals that require less satellite power.

- The DSCS Service Life Enhancement Program will provide a 250% increase in satellite power, targeted for tactical users. Launches of four enhanced DSCS satellites are scheduled for FY99, FY00, FY02 and FY03.

- These are some of the issues that will be discussed on Wednesday afternoon in the Greater Than 2GHz working group.