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COMPLETED WING -- Technicians make final adjustments to the --X (minus-X) wing of a Milstar satellite, which contains the medium-data-rate (MDR) communications payload and a portion of the crosslink payload. Hughes Space and Communications Company (HSC) recently delivered the --X wing for the Milstar F-6 to prime contractor Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company. It is identical to the wing shown here, which is for the Milstar F-5 satellite. For MDR, HSC integrated antennas and electronic units supplied by TRW onto the structure. On the left side of the wing are the assemblies for the two nuller antennas, including round reflectors, rectangular electronic units and the feedhorns. Visible along the right side are the reflectors and electronics for the six Distributed User Coverage Antennas, or DUCAs. The large reflector at the edge of the wing is the crosslink antenna. Milstar was the first constellation of satellites with operating crosslinks, which allow the satellites to pass signals directly to each other without going through a ground terminal. 
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